I have been sharing Greek cooking with people all over the world for more than three decades, in classes, books, several tv series, restaurant work, and now with exclusive online cooking courses.

For as long as I can remember, I've cooked. It's an act of giving and sharing and I hope to impart that to you when you take my classes. Greece is the mother of the Mediterranean Diet, and in almost everything I cook there is either a little or a lot of Greece! Olive oil, great produce, nuts, legumes, herbs, honey and so much more are some of the things you will encounter in my classes and recipes. 

Now you get the opportunity to take part with this exclusive (and limited time) holiday package: Everything Ikaria 101! This bundle is dedicated to both authentic Ikarian recipes and the spirit of Ikaria, the Blue-Zone Greek island renowned for the longevity of its denizens that also happens to be my ancestral home. As you will see plant-forward and plant-based recipes are the core of this bundle and my goal is to show you that plant-based cooking, which is the foundation of the health-enhancing Blue-Zone diet, is delicious, satisfying, seasonal and meant to be shared. 

Take advantage of this course bundle and get whisked away to my Greek island kitchen, where we will cook some of the best-known Mediterranean dishes and have a good time doing so!

Be well, Kaly Orexi, and Enjoy!

- Diane

EVERYTHING IKARIA 101: Complete Course

This exclusive course bundle includes all of the following: 
  •  Over 6 Hours of Exclusive One-on-One Teaching Content
  • Over 30 Exclusive Recipes contained in the exclusive cookbook: Ikaria 101: The Recipes
  • The Exclusive eCookbook "Everything Ikaria 101: The Complete Recipe Companion" containing over 30 recipes from your course!
  • ​The Never-Before-Released eCookbook "The Diane Kochilas Collection" - featuring her hit books "Plant-Forward Pantry Perfect Greek!", "Spring Greening", "My Thanksgiving Table", and "My Christmas Table"
  • ​Exclusive Discounts, Offers, Classes, and More!!


"Want to learn some of the delicious, plant-based cooking secrets of the longest-living people on earth? This is the class for you!"

Flavors of Ikaria Longevity I

Ikaria, a remote island in the northeastern Aegean, is home to people who enjoy some of the most renowned longevity on earth. The New York Times dubbed it the “island where people forget to die,” in a front-page magazine article a few years ago. Ikaria also happens to be my own ancestral home, and each spring and summer I run a cooking and cultural immersion experience on the island.
Lifestyle, natural exercise and diet all play a role in keeping Ikarians healthy and sound of mind well into their 90s. In this class, we will explore some of the simple but exquisite plant-based dishes that are part of the Ikaria longevity diet, and we’ll make three main-course vegetarian dishes together. I’ll discuss the basics of how Ikarians eat and live, and we’ll look at the role of fresh, seasonal food, olive oil, herbs, greens, and more that make up some of the tasty, uber-healthy meals Ikarians love to share with company. You will be able to recreate these dishes in your own kitchen, wherever you are, any time of the year.
  • Stovetop Vegetarian Stuffed Zucchini with Lemon Sauce 
  • Braised Chickpeas with Spinach & Sage (vegan)
  • Ikarian Wild Mushroom Stew
"Herbs play a huge role in the longevity diet of Ikarians. Used as infusions and flavoring, they are packed with nutrition. This class focuses on delicious vegan recipes of the Ikarian table, and, yes, herbs are everywhere!"

Flavors of Ikarian Longevity II – Veganlicious!  

In this class, we will focus on the role of herbs, both fresh and dried, on the table and in the tea cups of Ikarians. Herbs and wild greens are among the most important foods in the longevity-inducing diet of Blue Zone Ikaria.

We will learn about the many different herbal teas Ikarians drink and how they play a role in the folk pharmacopoeia of the island. We will learn the proper way to make herbal tea so that all the health-inducing characteristics remain intact. Hint: it’s not with a tea kettle!

I’ll explore some of the delicious herbs that are used in easy, wonderful local dishes, all vegan.
  • How to make herbal tea the Ikarian way!
  • Soufico – Seasonal Skillet Vegetable Stew with Tomatoes, Onions & Herbs
  • Braised Cauliflower
  • ​Roasted Pumpkin & Sweet Potatoes with Spinach and Sage

"Great baked dishes starring vegetables, that will leave you sated and happy!"

Baked Vegetable Classics

I will share with you my favorite ways to add flavor and texture in lieu of meat by integrating ‘trick’ ingredients such as walnuts, olive paste and cheese. We will speak about the ‘craveability factor’ – something that gives food that irresistible quality and which often has to do with the addition of good fats to your vegetables, creating a few versatile techniques that you can apply to all sorts of plant-based dishes. All recipes constitute complete mains, suitable for both easy midweek meals and impressive dinners.
  • Eggplant with walnut garlic sauce
  • Baked Vegetable Medley (Briam) with Olive Paste
  • ​Spinach Gratin with Feta and Graviera 
"Three grains, three easy dishes, including main courses and salad."

Mediterranean Grains

Join me in this class to explore one of the most ancient food products in Greek and Mediterranean cooking and a foundational element of the Mediterranean diet; grains. While touching upon the history and importance of grains in this part of the world, I will explain how to use different grains and integrate them into dishes that exude healthfulness. 

Our building blocks are basic ingredients such as olive oil, ancient grains, fresh vegetables and cheese, which we will use in a variety of combinations to give you a sense of the flexible, forgiving approach that is integral to cooking in this part of the world. The dishes we will be cooking can be great accompaniments to meat or fish, but they are designed as complete meals in themselves, especially as light, easy lunches.
  •  Bulgur Pilaf with Leeks, Walnuts & Tomatoes
  • Creamy Tomatorizo, Tomato Rice
  • Hearty Barley Rusk Bread Salad
"The essence of Mediterranean cooking is in the versatile ways protein-rich legumes are prepared. Yummy and healthy!."

Mediterranean Vegetables & Legumes

In this class we will delve into one of my favorite chapters in Mediterranean cooking. Legumes are an amazing source of plant protein, ideal for when you want a nutritionally complete meal that is completely meat-free. 

I will show you some of the flavor pallets that pair perfectly with different legumes, utilizing the herbs and spices that are part of the Mediterranean culinary tapestry to give them amazing flavor. We will be using beans, chickpeas and lentils as a base to create simple meals that can be hearty or light, served warm or cold, and which are representative of the versatility that is synonymous with legumes in the Mediterranean.
  • Savory-Sweet Baked Giant Beans with Vegetables & Herbs
  • Spicy Vegan Chickpea Sausages in a Tangy Tomato Sauce
  • Lentil 'Tabouleh' Salad with Herbs and Hard-Boiled Eggs 



The perfect compliment to your Everything Ikaria 101 Course? This complete recipe companion which has not only every recipe that you will be covering, but also the perfect wine pairings to compliment your dish. 

This handy companion will help guide you through the course as well as provide you a handy go-to when you venture off into the kitchen yourself! 


I haven't ever released some of my most popular books together online, and in the eCookbook you will be able to enjoy not one, but 3 of my most favorite cookbooks as well as the never released "My Christmas Table" this is an advance special release as part of this Everything Ikaria 101 Course package. 


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