"In this class you’ll learn the basic techniques for making one-pot plant-based main courses and how to use these techniques to expand on a range of dishes using different variations of vegetables."
We will explore the foundational elements in these dishes, from the lemon to tomatoes. You’ll come away with an understanding of how to build flavor so that even the simplest vegetable dishes are vibrant and satisfying and you will learn about the importance of both fresh and dried herbs and how they are woven into simple dishes to create complex flavors. Recipes will follow two basic flavor profiles: tomato-herb-spice and lemon-herb-garlic.
  • One-Pot Braised Eggplant “Yiahni” (in Aromatic Tomato Sauce)
  • Juicy One-Pot Braised Zucchini and Swiss Chard
  • Lemony Braised Celery Root & Leeks, with Saffron and Mastiha
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