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"Greece’s classic pastry in its rustic, homemade version is a lit easier to prepare than most people think. Fearless Phyllo will show you the secrets to making this versatile sough at home."
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  • Sunday, November 1, noon ET
  • Saturday, November 21, noon ET
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Fearless Phyllo I – Homemade! 

One of my absolute favorite things to do in the kitchen is to make and work with homemade phyllo dough. It is a lot easier to prepare than most people think and even easier to work with. And the end result is unsurpassable.

In this class, we will explore how to make Greece’s favorite savory pie pastry in two different versions: one classic and one with whole wheat flour. We’ll explore the behavior of both doughs and make two different using the pastry in multiple layers and open-faced. I’ll discuss regional variations and the amazing wealth of Greek savory pies, one of the great, if undiscovered, chapters of Greek cooking.
  • Classic Homemade Phyllo Pastry
  • Homemade Whole Wheat Phyllo
  • Multilayered Cheese Pie (vegetarian)
  • ​Open-Faced Cheese Pie with Whole-Wheat Phyllo

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